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MCM Global Team represents a unique opportunity for our clients as we make it possible to acquire one or a combination of individual services at one source.

MCM Global Team has the necessary expertise and connectivity from a business and creative perspective. This is an imperative as one cannot live without the other and often a little help is required to make them connect.

MCM Global Team is the conduit bridging the gap. We have the capability to coordinate each and every activity necessary to achieve the desired goal on the best possible level. Our clients' success is our success.

Our clients can be assured that our targeted approach to marketing, tailor made for each and every client and their unique products in a combination with perfectly orchestrated timing it is possible to achieve the required results.

Over the years MCM Global Team has established a global network inclusive of record labels, producers, media and promoters and we are well positioned to create programs specific to our clients' unique requirements. The goal is always the same which is providing solutions.

Since it's inception in 2002 MCM Global Team supported DATA, founded by U2's Bono.
Later this became ONE.ORG


Best wishes, Kenny – Founder & CEO – MCM Global Team Ltd.


Our experience in the music industry and involvement in many successful projects gave us a resourceful and global platform which enables us to work with our clients on almost any project that comes to us.

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Management, Consulting, Project Management, Legal Support, Negotiations, Royalty Collection, Recording Contracts, Publishing Contracts, Endorsements, Financial Support, Accounting, Film Production, Work Shops etc.


Studio Recordings, CD manufacturing, Pre Production, Production, Mixing, Arrangements, Song-Writing, Mastering, Post Production, Live Recordings, Instruments, Engineers, Sound Production Teaching, Sound Design, Session Musicians,etc.


Concerts, Tours, Radio & TV Performances, Online Broadcasts, Stage Design , Roadies, Tour Support, Accommodation, Catering, Logistics, Sound & Lighting Design, Tour Management, Security etc.


Marketing, Promotion, Distribution, Public Relations, Merchandising, Airplay, Branding, Plugging, Video-Shoots, Publicists, Web Site Development, Video Directors, Photographers, Media, Personal Appearances, Advertisement, Art Directors, Graphic design, Green Screen Productions etc.


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MCM Global Team is proud to have such a diversity in clients from all over the world. We work with anyone, from established major artists, to new talents, from America to Asia and beyond.

Zen Land Band
Zen Land


Stone and Jezreel
Stone and Jezreel

John Paul Ivan
John Paul Ivan



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Please enjoy some selected music tracks from our roster of artists.



  • Zen Land -
  • U2 - No Line On The Horizon - Live in Dublin
  • Zen Land -
  • BLØF - Vreemde Wegen
  • BLØF - Donker Hart (Concert at Sea 2007) 5/6
  • Van Morrison - Into The Mystic
  • Al Jarreau 1976 -Take Five
  • Dis Kain Love -  Stone & Jezreel
  • ONE- Stone & Jezreel / Faysoff
  • John Paul Ivan - Jerusalem
  • John Paul Ivan - Dancing With You
  • BLØF - Open Je Ogen [Official Video]
Zen Land - 1 U2 - No Line On The Horizon - Live in Dublin2 Zen Land - 3 BLØF - Vreemde Wegen4 BLØF - Donker Hart (Concert at Sea 2007) 5/65 Van Morrison - Into The Mystic6 Al Jarreau 1976 -Take Five7 Dis Kain Love -  Stone & Jezreel8 ONE- Stone & Jezreel / Faysoff9 John Paul Ivan - Jerusalem10 COUNTING CROWS & BLØF - HOLIDAY IN SPAIN11 John Paul Ivan - Dancing With You12 BLØF - Open Je Ogen [Official Video]13


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